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Questions you’ll be asking and their answers

1. Who’s the Dreaming Human?

The Dreaming Human is a human (no, really?) and a dreamer possessing the intrinsic qualities of a bona-fide snarker. Going by the name of Nurul Jasmine in the cosmic joke known as real-life , this Malaysian student can at the moment be found in the country, finishing her preparation studies before beginning her degree in Australia under a scholarship from Petronas. She’s also a writer, who draws inspiration from the rich inkwells of her life as a student to blog about life.. as a student and all that comes with it — plus the occasionally reflective and at times dangerously idealistic thoughts that find its way into her writing.

2. Why is it ‘dreaming’ human?

“Because it’s my core.”

Er, pardon?

“Dreams are what drives me at this moment, and has been one of the things that’s driven me for as long as I can remember. It’s intrinsic, a natural part of me, just like my wry sense of humour is a natural part of me.”

Let the above say it all.

3. What are your dreams, then?

There are a few things that the Dreaming Human keeps private, until others gain her trust or otherwise until never.

Let this be one of them.

4. Why did the Dreaming Human start this blog?

The Dreaming Human is not narcissistic — she did not start this blog as a petition for self-promotion; it is purely a tool to express her thoughts and connect with the thousands of dreaming souls besieging the macrocosm known as the Internet.

5. So what’s special about the blog? What does she do on it anyway?

This dreaming snarker human satirizes life in her blog yet fills it to the brim with self-professedly “rose-tinted” ideals of hope and belief for a better future, and all that idealistic nonsense that everyone actually believes in.

Basically, she writes, she dreams, she snarks, and she expresses herself, recording her life and the life of the world at the time she lived in it.

Let it be noted that text within the Dreaming Human’s blog may, or should it be said most certainly will, contain traces of snark and/or sarcasm. Here, on the blog, sharp but starry-eyed dragons are on the prowl…

6. Will I actually be interested in what the Dreaming Human writes about? 

Honest, genuine, first-impulse answer: It’s up to you, isn’t it? The blog is pretty universal.

What do you mean, universal?

On one level, the Dreaming Human currently blogs about life as a student. Starting college. All that comes with it e.g. new friends, new life, new discoveries about the self and new moans of ‘why’.

On another level, she writes a satire that makes a parody of nothing less than life itself. She alternately possesses a dry, wry or sarcastic sense of humour (or all three), so the humour is quite apparent.

On yet another level, she’s one other human recording her thoughts and expressing herself as she charts a path towards her dreams — something which she knows, and hopes, a lot of people are doing.

..So, in this dreaming human’s own words, all are welcome here, whether you be a dreamer, a snarker or a combination of the two.

7. Just curious, what’s the icon you’re using?

Rainbow-colored eyes.

Yes, yes, do laugh at the “pretty!”-ness of the statement. Then think about it and see the wonder in it.

The Dreaming Human’s own words: My eyes look out towards my dreams, seeing the end of my journey. But I also see the rainbow, the myriad of colors that I will go through when getting there. And I capture the image for use so that I remember the beauty is in the dream and the journey itself.

7. How can I contact the Dreaming Human?

Well, that’s one of the reasons why this dreaming human created this blog — to connect with others, especially if at the moment we’re strangers.

Don’t be shy, then. Fill this in and she’ll get back to you a.s.a.f — as soon as feasible.

8. How do I follow this blog?

There are enough people who don’t know how to this that no one should be surprised. It’s okay; this dreaming human herself was one of the uninitiated too.

For non-Wordpress users, you’ll have to follow by email. Simply enter your email address into the grey box on the left and the next thing you know the Dreaming Human will be snarking in your inbox.

For WordPress users, are you playing around ? Just click ‘Follow’.

And by the way, like any and every blogger, the Dreaming Human loves comments, because she gets to connect with others and see them expressing themselves, that’s why. So feel free –she means feel compelled —  to do so.


One thought on “Questions you’ll be asking and their answers

  1. Jasmine, know that I will always be supporting your dream. And no matter how far apart we go we’ll always be under the same sky, and in each other’s thoughts. Now, and evermore. From your soul mate, if I may presume to have the honour of calling myself that. Love, Shamine, your twinsister.

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